(From: River of No Return)

When Mr.South sind sighs in the pine
Oh Mr.Winter whimpers in wine
Down in the meadow under the snow
April is teaching green things to grow
When Mr.West wind hounds in a glade
Oh Mr.Summer nods in the shade
Doww in the meadow deep in the brook
Catfish are waiting for the hook

Oh lady blackbird flirts with the scarecrow
Scarecrow is waving at the moon
Oh Mr.Moonmakes hearts everywhere
Go bump,bump with a magic of June

When Mr.Eastwind shouts over head
Then all the leaves turn yellow and red
Down in the meadow cornstalks'll hide
Pumpkins are ripe and ready for pie!


When Mr.Northwind rolls on the breeze
Oh Father Christmast trims over trees
Down in the meadow snow softly glees
Earth goes to sleep and smile in her dream

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