(From:There's No Business Like show Business)

Ow! We're havinga heat wave
A tropical heat wave
The temperature's rising
lt isn't surprising
She certainly can can-can

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave
It's such a joy
Because it's a true
That she certainly can can-can
Bird's a enemy
Makes a mercury
Shoot to 93


Having a heat-wave
A tropical heat-wave
The way that she moves
That thermometer grooves
That she certainly can
What cha mean honey?Pablo!
Certainly can,Chico
Certainly can,Pablo,Chico,Meguilito

Pablo is that you in there
Weather report
lt's saying a for midably warm air is moving in from
Moderately high bear air pressure will cover
The North-east and-Where else?
The Deep South
Small danger of fruit frost
Hot and humid nights can be expected Vincent 95
GuadelouPe 97
Santa Domingo 99
Pardan me?a 105?

We're having a heat-wave
A tropical heat-wave
The temperature's rising
It isn't surprising
She cenainly can,can
I started this heat-wave
In such a way that
The customers say that
I certainly can,can-can
The man who need
Mates the mercury
Rise to 93

We're having a heat-wave
A tropical,tropical heat-wave
The way that I move
That thermometer grooves
She certainly certainly cenartinly can

lcertainly,certainly certainl can

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