(From:There's No Business Like show Business)

He's not so good in a crowd
But when you get him alone
You'd be surprised
He isn't much at a dance
But then when he takes you home
You'd be surprised

He doesn't look like much of a lover
Don't judge a book by its cover
('Cause)He's got the face of an angel
But there's devil in his eye

He's such a delicate thing
But when he stans in to squeeze
You'd be surprised
He doesn't look very strong
But when you sit on his knee
You'd be surprised
At a party or at a ball
l've got to admit he's nothin'at all
But in a Morris chair
You'd be surprised


He donesn't say very much
But when he starts in to speak
You'd be surprised
He's not so good at the start
But at the end of the week
You would be surprised
On a street car or on at rain
You'd think he was born
Without any brains
But in a taxi cab
And when he starts to grab
I said a taxi cab
You'd be surprised
This one's real danger

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